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Affordable and easily configurable for your specific environment, JUMPWARE integrates a complete suit of cash register, fast credit card processing, store management, and reporting functions into one user friendly system    

JUMPWARE Back Office applications accessible by authorized users at every POS station, greatly facilitate store operations by automating the management of inventory, purchasing, bookkeeping, and payroll with tax calculation and even paycheck generation.  In other words, JUMPWARE allows you to minimize outsourcing and maximize savings.  Alternatively, JUMPWARE will generate  in seconds  complete reports for your C.P.A. or your payroll service should you wish to outsource these tasks.

 Although we recommend hardware proven in restaurant environments, JUMPWARE software can reside on almost any computer running a Microsoft Windows™ operating system. JUMPWARE is compatible with any modern touchscreen monitor and includes an interface to a magnetic card reader for credit card transactions and an interface to a barcode reader for fast and accurate item entry.

What differentiates JUMPWARE from other systems...

Reliability by Design....JUMPWARE POS stations automatically back up the database and contain the complete suit of point-of-sale and back-office applications. Should the computer currently designated as the database server fail, any other station can be graduated to the server level with a couple of taps on the screen. This redundancy eliminates the downtime and the weaknesses inherent to the single server-client design typical of most other systems.

Full POS & Back-Office Integration & Flexibility....JUMPWARE is an all-in-one package that combines point-of-sale (POS) and back-office (restaurant management) functions into one comprehensive but easy-to-use and cost effective system. Any POS or back-office application can be accessed at any station by an authorized user. 

Complete Suit Of Restaurant Management Applications....Others claim their systems do inventory, purchasing, payroll, and bookkeeping but when you dig deeper, you most often find out they only have interfaces to 3rd party software applications that you have to buy also. But additional cost is not the only issue; when dealing with other POS systems, you also have to make sure that whatever version of 3rd party software you buy is compatible with your POS system version.   JUMPWARE's all-in-one design eliminates these concerns and avoids the additional cost of 3rd party software.

We are confident that you will not find in any other system the flexibility and the combination of cost and time saving features that can really help you streamline and improve your operations at the all-inclusive price of JUMPWARE.  This is why most of our sales have been the result of evangelism by existing users. 

Whether you are convinced that JUMPWARE is the right solution for your business and you want to find out more, or we haven't convinced you just yet and you'd like to read on, please follow the links below to more information about JUMPWARE: 


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